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Database Design

Generating databases that can meet the increasing demands from web applications needs careful planning and a clear understanding of your business requirements. IT Ignite SQL Server database architects see your business manners for what they are and build a database design that helps the transfer of data through the system. Our database architects use SQL Server’s built-in constraints to implement integrity. We make sure that there is the implementation of the basic relationship within the data.

If you need a professional database development partner to discuss any questions regarding your idea, our specialists will be happy to assist you and discuss your database development needs with you.

Database Administration

Each application maintains its database that reserves and manages massive data. Data is growing not only in its size but also in its complexity. Now, businesses need to keep their data safe and sound. All the data streams should be optimized. Well-structured data and its future proper use can promote better customer service, marketing, and sales.

At IT Ignite, we have senior database architects on board who understand the pitfalls of database systems. We use the process of normalization to reduce data duplication. This process allows for compliance in reporting.

Rest API Development

IT Ignite API specialists, have extensive experience in providing API development and integration services, create powerful, secure, and easily maintainable APIs. Our API masters have technical expertise in working with the most popular APIs.

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