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IT Operations

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Monitor / Maintain Systems

System monitoring and troubleshooting is a fundamental component of our IT teams’ responsibilities. In IT Ignite, we use products such as ServiceNow to Monitor / Maintain Systems. While frameworks offer guidelines for monitoring, these standards can often leave a lot of room for discussion and implementing a monitoring strategy can be discouraging. IT Ignite takes all the hassle out of IT operations by providing expertise on who, what, where, when, and how to control IT environments.


There are a lot of systems you could monitor, and the ones you decide on will finally depend on your environment.


Options include:

  • Servers
  • Databases

  • Applications
  • Cloud Services

  • Containers
  • Employee Workstations

Resolve Help Desk

IT Ignite has the right people, processes, and technology to efficiently handle incidents and service requests on a day-to-day basis—our service desk is the frontline of IT support. Without the proper help desk support processes, you may end up with unsatisfied users and overwhelmed employees


Here’s what IT Ignite can help you do:


    1. Map out service desk and other IT processes.
    2. Provide better awareness to help your team make decisions
    3. Centralize your knowledge and IT documentation
    4. Improve teamwork and collaboration across the lifecycle
    5. Streamline training and onboarding

Installations & Upgrades

IT Ignite installation team will take responsibility for your project from start to finish – from the beginning, through to management of the project, right down to sign-off.

IT Ignite works with you for as long as it takes to receive in-depth knowledge of your needs, company workflow, and how your new solution will integrate into existing systems.


Our technical team provides you with services of:

  • Server or systems installations
  • Upgrades to existing systems

  • Migrations from old to new or upgraded systems
  • Hosted, Cloud, Hybrid, or On-premise solutions

  • Servers, Desktops, Mobility, Peripherals

Digital Transformations

As more and more of daily life becomes integrated with technology, it becomes increasingly imperative for businesses to embrace the digital age. Digital presence is only growing in importance as people are now using mobile, interactive tools to choose whom to believe, where to go, and what to buy.

At the same time, companies are moving their workspaces online, rethinking what client’s value most, and designing operating models that drive long term success. The difficulty for businesses is understanding how fast and how to about digital transformation. The biggest challenge confronting businesses adoption of technology is perceived complexity, that’s why IT Ignite is here to help make your transition into the digital age smooth, efficient, and cost effective.

In the digital age consumer needs are changing, people globally are now using social channels to find jobs and restaurants, lost friends, and new companions—and to accomplish political and economic goals. Consumers are using the internet for pleasure, shopping, socializing, and business which is why IT Ignite is here to make sure that your organization is prepared to meet these demands. Read More

If You Have a Project, Please Contact Us

We would love to hear from you; if you have a project our team members can arrange a free initial consultation to understand, scope, and price your project.

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