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Microsoft Azure is one of the industry leaders when it comes to cloud computing, and it can be used to manage entire businesses from a single device from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Azure can be used not only for cloud storage, but also for big data, machine learning, and data processing applications.

At IT Ignite, we have worked with various cloud services, and have lots of expertise in working with Microsoft Azure. Our team of Azure specialists are always available to help you understand the importance of integrating cloud services into your business, and how your business operations can be made more efficient using Microsoft Azure.

We have helped numerous companies shift to Microsoft Azure from their traditional infrastructure and physical servers, as well as from outdated cloud service providers that don’t add any value to businesses. Azure is a leading cloud platform provider due to its robust architecture and the unlimited options it provides.

Our Azure Consulting Services

You can get in touch with our Microsoft Certified professionals, who will explain how Microsoft Azure is used, as well as the benefits and returns you could gain. At IT Ignite, we understand your business requirements, and we strive to help you fulfill them with an excellent return on investment so that your money is spent wisely.

We always provide you with realistic and honest consultation regarding which cloud platform to choose, and for clients looking into Azure we identify strategies to best serve them. Our certified and experienced professionals gather your business requirements and work upon them to provide you with a solution to your problems.

Our team also help you architect and implement the system, so that you can easily migrate to Azure without facing any roadblocks or hurdles in your day-to-day operations. Our team makes sure that every obstacle is cleared and proactively works to lead your company to a revolutionary cloud platform that can reshape your business.


Our Azure services include assistance with:

Application Development

Development and testing




Game development

Low code application development

Modern application development

Serverless computing

Cloud Migration

.NET apps migration

Azure migration center

Linux on Azure

Mainframe and midrange migration

SQL Server migration

Windows Server migration

Open-source database migration

Data and Analytics



Business intelligence

Cloud-scale analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Azure managed databases

Security and governance


Azure governance

Backup and disaster recovery

Azure network security

We have also provided cloud consultation and implementation services through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Many of these projects utilize Microsoft Azure, and we have also worked on the FISMA Private Cloud by GovDataHosting.

Benefits of Choosing Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has garnered a lot of popularity in the cloud computing spectrum, and here are the various benefits that you can experience for your business:


Microsoft Azure brings you endless possibilities for growth with its scalable infrastructure, which can be done instantly without spending a lot of money. You may start as a small company, but as you grow, your cloud server will also grow.

Complete Control

With Azure, not only do you get an advanced infrastructure, but you also get full control over the tools and resources, so that you can run your business operations the way you want. Moreover, you can also control the way your applications are deployed.

Security Protocols

Microsoft Azure is the first-ever cloud service provider that has implemented the international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018. This makes it one of the most secure cloud platforms.

Whether you need to expand your IT infrastructure or move your entire business data to the cloud, Azure is the best platform for it, and we are the best cloud services providers to help see the entire project. We know the Microsoft cloud technology inside out, which enables us to devise and deliver personalized Azure solutions to our clients.