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When it comes to agile product development, nearly every team falls into a series of hurdles and pitfalls that leaves them stranded and unable to decide how to go forth. Not only do teams fail to meet their targets on time, but it also leads to a rise in their project development costs, which reflects heavily on the company.

Therefore, IT Ignite tries to discover the best and most efficient solutions that can help our clients carry out their development operations smoothly and without any difficulty, while also delivering their projects on time and saving on their IT-based costs. In our search, we found Rally, an enterprise-based platform that is specially designed for upscaling agile development methods.

Rally is a powerful organizational tool that enables organizations to align teams and enable them to innovate and give their all in their every project. It offers a centralized platform that teams can use to plan, prioritize, and track workflows by following a structured timeline. It greatly helps teams maximize their efficiency and productivity. It takes every step of the development lifecycle to a whole new level, from planning to product development and delivery.

Key Features of Rally

Alignment with Business Objectives

You can align your business objectives with your development work and ensure that you can reach meaningful outcomes.

Team Empowerment

Rally helps your team feel better-knit and motivates them to innovate and structure product development.

Work Planning

You can conveniently manage and plan workflows, as well as get access to a wide list of progress, dependencies, alignments, and much more.

Result Measurement

You can keep a close eye on the results and effectiveness of your development projects and see how much value they provide to the business.

Dependency Management

With Rally, you will have no difficulty in managing dependencies and expectations across multiple teams. Moreover, you will also be able to bring together all teams and work together towards bringing value.

Digital BizOps

You can start your agile development journey with the Digital BizOps starter kit, which offers you a free trial for a wide range of services and features.

Real-time Status Tracking

Rally enables you to track and monitor progress and workflows across agile teams.

Iteration and Release Planning

You can plan the development and release of your products in compliance with business objectives.

Customizable Dashboards

You can organize vital information by using predefined dashboards, including Scrum boards, Kanban boards, and even customized views.

Capacity Planning

You can align your business requirements with the team capabilities, so that you know how you can offer customer value.

Risk Management

Keep a close eye on blocks, issues, milestones, and dependencies, which allow you to fix any problems proactively.

Reporting and Metrics

Through Rally, you can also have greater visibility on your team productivity, work speed, and even their burnout, so that you know when you can manage your team to avoid a sudden halt in the development lifecycle.

Scalable Platform

Last but not least, Rally offers a complete and scalable platform that you can upsize or downsize according to your developmental needs.

Benefits of Rally

Rally enables you to put agile development to the forefront of your business, so that you can manage change and expectations efficiently, also provide the value your customers expect from you.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Rally for your organization:

    • Greater customer value: You can carry out continuous planning, release your products rapidly, and also respond proactively to any market changes.
    • Greater alignment of business goals: Compliance with business goals is key to the success of any business, and Rally helps you focus on what matters most, by aligning your work to the business objectives.
    • Agile teams with greater productivity: With Rally, not only do you get work done much faster, but you can also keep your teams motivated and uplifted to work towards a common goal.
    • Greater revenue: Naturally, by speeding up the development process and aligning your workflow with business goals, you can experience greater revenues and a better flow of income, since you will be able to deliver your projects faster.

How IT Ignite Can Help You

IT Ignite is a recognized and experienced technology vendor and consultant with many years of experience in working with the top software and technologies, and we are also well-versed with the use and integration of Rally into your business infrastructure.

Through our implementation, consultation, and managed services, you will be able to bring your agile development to a whole new level. Simply reach out to us and we will help you transform your workflow through Rally.

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