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Technology Business Management

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Modern business is fast-paced, and tech-driven. The business world requires you to stay up to speed with the ever-changing dynamics and possess the ability to change directions when needed.

Still, various organizations are unable to leverage data and use it to make important business decisions, because they don’t know how to utilize data and monitor overall business performance, as well as the operating costs associated with it.

Our TBM Services

We provide our clients with a wide range of comprehensive technology business management services that are designed and purposed to add value to their business, and help them in the gradual integration of IT into their core business operations. Have a look at our various services below.

Performance Monitoring

Setting goals and KPIs

Revising company’s investment decisions

Visual Reporting and Analysis

Enterprise Governance

Optimizing Returns on Investments

Tracking costs

Managing vendor expenditure

Developing low-cost supply channels

Rationalizing business applications

Financial management of the project

Financial Forecasting

Benefits realization management (BRM) to measure how IT projects and programs add value to the company

Shared Services Pricing Model

Design Cost Modeling

Defining reasonable target cost

Producing a monthly or quarterly bill of IT for distribution to application owners, business leaders, and other stakeholders

Fair pricing of services

IT Chargeback and Showback

Allocation of shared services funding

How Your Company Can Benefit From TBM

Technology business management gives your business a lot of room for growth and scalability, and it gears up your company to evolve with the emerging trends.

Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from TBM:

It Increases the Worth of the IT Department

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating TBM into any business is that the roles of the IT department are elevated, and they are entrusted with a much bigger opportunity and responsibility. This also increases their worth and value in the company.

It Makes Room for Improvement

Through TBM, you get a roadmap for improving and evolving your company’s operations and workflow. It identifies various areas in your operations where IT can be integrated, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

It Increases Cost Transparency

One of the major hurdles for most businesses is not being able to utilize financial data for the growth of the company. Thanks to TBM, executives can identify customer needs and devise decisions

It Speeds Up the Ability to Change

TBM helps structure the governance and planning matters, which makes it easy for the company to quickly adapt to any market changes. They already have a plan for success, which remains unmoved by any drastic changes or unexpected outcomes.

At IT Ignite, we not only offer TBM consulting but also use tools like Apptio, ServiceNow, and Clarity PPM to help organizations attain it. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.