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Cloud Computing

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cloud computing

There are many advantages to cloud computing. You don’t have to need to host, maintain, upgrade, or agonize about the data security of the servers for your software applications. You have access to your data in real-time, whenever you require it. With the flexibility of the cloud and on-demand resources you only pay for what you need when you need, saving costs and making your business more agile.

Significant cloud service providers by IT Ignite incorporate:

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Application SaaS

Software as a service is a software delivery design in which IT Ignite gives a cloud- based software application with a license to a user. The application is obtained via the IT Ignite server, meaning the user doesn’t install and maintain the software locally. The application itself runs on the IT Ignite servers, making us responsible for the security, performance, and maintenance of it.

Users have to pay a monthly fee based on the level of service. In this way, we deliver and maintain our application to you over the internet, as a service.

Platform Paas

IT Ignite server hosts everything—servers, networks, storage, operating system software, databases—at their data center; the client uses it for a monthly fee based on usage and can buying more resources on-demand as needed. In this way, the IT Ignite PaaS platform lets your development teams build, test, deploy, maintain, update, and scale applications much more quickly and cheaply than they could if you had to form out and manage your on-premises platform.

Infrastructure IaaS

IaaS is versatile part of our cloud computing program. IT Ignite permits clients to outsource IT infrastructures such as servers, networking, processing, storage, virtual machines, and other devices. Clients locate these sources on the Internet using a pay-as-per-use pattern.

In traditional hosting services, IT infrastructure was rented out for a specific period, with pre-determined hardware configuration. The client spent for the configuration and time, despite the actual use. With the help of the IaaS cloud computing platform layer, we dynamically scale your configuration to meet changing requirements of the clients and help you avoid overpaying. IaaS cloud computing platform layer excludes the necessity for any company to manage the IT infrastructure and drives costs down.

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