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Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps enterprise optimize their business processes. Successful digital adoption involves both guiding people through new critical software applications and proactively pushing them to complete new processes.

Only Apty combines the power of on-screen guidance with the time-saving automation of proactive process compliance. IT operation managers, Application Owners, VP HR/Sales, and leading CIOs alike all trust Apty to get the most out of their employees’ use of web-based applications in their day-to-day job.

Every month, nearly 1 million users use Apty to learn web-based apps and excel in their job in leading companies like Delta Airlines, Boeing, Agile CRM, and many more. Remember, the problem is not the software, it’s how you use it.

Key Features of Apty

Improve Business Processes & Outcomes

Apty combines intelligent guidance with industry-leading validations to increase efficiency, productivity, and data quality. Apty goes beyond navigation and shows users how to complete a task, prompts them to correct errors, and tracks and proactively manages compliance with your business processes.

Scale Your Adoption Quickly

Apty’s straightforward interface and code-free editor helps business unit owners and their teams create and manage on-screen guidance content effortlessly. Apty is fast to deploy and easily scales as you add new teams, locations, or applications. Accelerate user onboarding by 2x, slash training & support costs by 80% and cut feature adoption time in half with Apty.

Gain Visibility on Your Tech Stack ROI

Unlike solutions that focus on measuring clicks and keystrokes, Apty takes a holistic approach to analyzing and improving your digital adoption. Apty tracks how users interact with your system and provides insights to increase compliance of your business processes.

Apty reduces training & support costs

Apty has helped some of the largest companies in the world quickly onboard users, optimize their business processes and increase the ROI of their software investments. Check out these actual results from a leading global bank:

Apty is the highest-rated DAP for User Satisfaction

Apty consistently ranks as the No. 1 Digital Adoption Platform for satisfaction on G2 and currently holds the record for the largest digital adoption platform deployment to more than 3 million global users.



In Software Support, Training & Maintenance Costs



When it comes to the Adoption of any Software



In Employee Performance and Productivity

How IT Ignite Can Help You

Apty’s all-in-one platform is built to give you the tools to solve any digital adoption problem. From in-app guidance to business process compliance, we help you get the most out of your application investment.

We can also help you with onboarding, integration, training & more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with Apty.

If You Have a Project, Please Contact Us

We would love to hear from you; if you have a project our team members can arrange a free initial consultation to understand, scope, and price your project.

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