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IT and business leaders have long struggled with the day-to-day challenges that come in the way of decision-making, analysis, planning, and implementation. Be it banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, or the public sector, IT plays a major role in each industry now, which is why IT leaders and CIOs need to step up and solve the common problems that continue to stand in the way of progress.

Therefore, we at IT Ignite put our heads together to search for a robust and effective solution that can help solve different kinds of problems. This led us to Apptio, a SaaS platform that provides you with a complete technology business management (TBM) solution and offers you a broad spectrum of useful applications that help you conduct your business with a focused IT-based approach.

With Apptio, you can make faster and more profitable decisions, and also manage business risks for your company. It enables CIOs to run their IT operations like a business on its own, and also helps them manage and justify the cost and value of IT services. These services may include planning, budgeting, costing, benchmarking, and many others.

Key Features of Apptio

Agile Portfolio Management

Apptio features work management tools and a visual portfolio that enables managers to keep strategy and execution in line with product management.

Application Rationalization

Application rationalization enables organizations to remove any duplicate or redundant applications, thereby improving efficiency, simplifying portfolio management, and also reduce the portfolio ownership cost.

Cloud Cost Management

Rather than just lowering costs, Apptio enables team collaboration and innovation to make cloud costs more visible, so that they can be brought down systematically.

Cloud Migration

With the Apptio platform, align your cloud strategy with your business and technical goals, thus enabling you to migrate your operations to an efficient and well-designed infrastructure and also forecast cloud costs.

IT Benchmarking

Keep track of your IT expenditure over any period, allowing for efficient performance monitoring, validating business decisions, and also highlighting areas of improvement.

IT Cost Optimization

One of the most challenging tasks for CIOs is cost optimization, and Apptio helps them achieve it through sound business insight and knowledge.

IT Cost Recovery

IT leaders have to maintain transparency about the IT expenditure and also share details with business leaders. This platform helps them determine expected prices and ensure fair and transparent billing.

IT Cost Reduction

Cost reduction enables CIOs to analyze the IT budget and identify spots where it is being wasted. Next, it is determined when the budget needs to be downsized or upsized to reduce wastage.

IT Metrics & KPIs

IT metrics are the key to gauge how much value is being added to business operations through IT investment and expenditure. It also enables businesses to tailor their customer experience and cloud strategy.

IT Planning

Efficient planning facilitates the strategy-making process, builds a culture of accountability, helps companies execute their plans to perfection, and also finds room in the budget for other expenditures.

IT Vendor Management

Receiving valuable insights from IT vendors enables a broader view of expenditure across the technology vendor portfolio, which also manages compliance with IT strategy.

Product Management

As one of the key functions of any business, it is managed through a solid and effective strategy that resonates across the entire product lifecycle.

Remote PI Planning

Remote teams can easily manage and conduct Program Increment (PI) Planning, no matter where they are located.

Value Stream Management

Apptio also enables the development of value streams, which aid in every step of bringing the product to market.

Key Features of Apptio

Ever since its launch, Apptio has continued to facilitate technology business management for companies and institutions across various industries, making it easier for CIOs to run their operations in line with IT strategy and policies.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Apptio for your organization:

    • Greater return on IT investment: Apptio’s wonderful features allow IT leaders to provide value to the business, while also justifying the IT investment.
    • Decreased business risk: The platform enables you to minimize the risk to your business by managing IT spend effectively and also identifying wastage in your budget.
    • Faster time to market: By ensuring alignment of IT strategies and investment with business goals, you can enable a faster value stream.
    • An IT-integrated business culture: Experience the shift to a business culture where you can innovate and optimize your operations, and also maintain financial transparency in every step.
    • A more credible business: Through maximum transparency and IT-backed operations, you can build a reliable and credible position as a business leader.

How IT Ignite Can Help You

Apptio is the leading technology business management platform, and we have sufficient expertise and knowledge of how it works. Therefore, we can help you use the platform to develop IT strategies and budgeting, and also align them with business goals and operations.

We can also help you with managed services, migration, consultation, and training. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with Apptio.

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