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Migrating to a cloud computing platform from traditional data centers can be quite a challenging task, but once you have successfully gone through the transition, the advantages and benefits of the cloud are staggering. The cloud can be made easy, all you need is an experienced AWS Cloud Consulting and Service Provider like IT Ignite.

We are highly trained and accredited to provide AWS services and incorporate them into our client’s businesses. We have competent and talented professionals who manage everything for you, starting from devising a cloud strategy, employing innovative technologies, and completing the transition to a fully-fledged cloud-based infrastructure.

With IT Ignite, you don’t have to worry about any step of the process, because we take care of everything, and ensure that your operations aren’t halted or hampered in any way. We also help you tackle the new issues that come with switching to a cloud-based server, and we are always available for assistance and support.

Benefits of Migrating to AWS Cloud Services

Porting your business operations to trusted cloud-based services like AWS streamlines your workflow and also enables you to steer through your projects without any hurdles. It also brings you a wide range of benefits, such as:


One of the biggest benefits of AWS cloud services is that you can easily scale up your resources if you need more bandwidth or storage space, and this can be done in a matter of minutes. This way, your products and services don’t encounter any delay or downtime.

Reduced Downtime

With AWS cloud services, you never have to experience downtime because your website and applications are hosted on robust and reliable cloud servers, which not only ensures uptime but also keeps your data secure.


Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, you can make the most out of your business when harness the power of the cloud. We help you find the most economic plans and packages that are tailored to your business needs so that you get the best cloud services without having to overspend.

Higher Productivity

With AWS cloud services as the backbone of your cloud computing infrastructure, you can lessen the burden on your IT department to manage the servers 24/7, and you can also spare a lot of organizational time and cost.


When choosing a cloud service provider, you also must consider whether they will be able to provide you with scalable and adaptive infrastructure that can adjust according to the rapidly evolving demands of modern business. AWS has been the industry leader in scalable and adapting infrastructure for years and continues to lead cloud innovation.

Our AWS Services

At IT Ignite, we assist you with the entire set of steps that are required to migrate to AWS cloud services, from planning to execution. Here is a brief rundown of our services.

Cloud Strategy

Infrastructure Assessment

Identifying roadblocks

Developing roadmap and strategy

Cloud Migration

Migration of physical data center

App Migration

Developing roadmap of different phases

Cloud Security

Defining security protocols

Defining reasonable target cost

Assistance and support services

Our AWS Specialties

Our specialties include (but not limited to): Amazon Connect, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, X-RAY Insights, Athena, Glue, Kinesis, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Firehose, Lambda, S3, CloudFront, CLI, SNS, DynamoDB, RDS, Lambda EDGE, CloudFormation, Run Command, PowerShell, IAM, StepFunction, API Gateway, Route 53, EC2, ASG, ELB, RDS, AURORA, ECS, ECR, FARGATE, Beanstalk, CICD, and COGNITO.

At IT Ignite, we help organizations implement, maintain, and maximize AWS solutions via managed services, consulting, and ongoing support. Contact us to learn more.