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The selection of a technology stack for application development is based on inevitable criteria like business preferences and goals, the specifics of the business domain and market, and the specifics of the stack. These must be properly considered without contradicting each other.


The server side, i.e. the back end of your product — is an important component. When deciding the back-end development technologies — Node.js endures as an ideal option as it includes the vast majority of up-to-date business domains and real cases.

Strategic Roadmap

Digital technologies have reevaluated how people live. Technology is reshaping traditional industry structures and economics and is reinterpreting what it means to be a customer and a citizen. To flourish in a rapidly changing business environment, businesses will need to focus on new dimensions, build new expertise, and originate new ways of working to give customers compelling new experiences. Leaders promote this process by adopting digital transformation. They envision possibilities, create pilots, deepen capabilities and orchestrate new ecosystems.


With IT Ignite, you’ll get continuous availability of the latest security features, and easy integration.

Project/ Portfolio Management

Strategically manage your portfolio

Monitor with smart intelligence and take advantage of what-if- scenarios to determine the right mix of deliverables versus investments.


Embrace Agile

PPM mingles ingeniously with the most popular Agile tools.

Expedite project delivery

Proactively handle programs, projects, and requests. Understand risks and resource scatters for faster project fulfillment and accomplishment.


Scale on demand

Join process control with easy co- operation, making it easy to assist across your whole organization – even for distributed and remote teams.


Optimize resources

Utilize strong portfolio management to make better scheduling decisions, decide where resources should spend their time, and reduce cost.

Resource Management

IT Ignite Resource Management Facility monitors the collected data about client system workload and resource utilization. This data addresses all hardware and software parts of the system: processor, I/O device and storage activities and utilization, as well as resource consumption, activity, and execution of groups of address spaces. Data is collected for a particular time for evaluation. IT Ignite manages the resources of a project and its tasks, such as updating the project budget, allocating the employees, performing the task, and entering the time, materials, and costs

Capacity Management

IT Ignite Capacity Management architecture consolidates multiple data sources and IT Ignite database products to provide extensive capacity management reporting.


Our Capacity Analytics presents the perception for IT Operations Managers, Performance Specialists, and Capacity Planners to assist you to make accurate decisions about infrastructure and application performance. Predictions and modeling functions support ensure resources are in point to manage the business and match expected service levels, both for today and the future.

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