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Although agile development is popular among many companies, numerous hurdles prevent them from reaching their full potential and maximizing their productivity. As a result, development teams must compromise on quality and rush their projects to deliver them quickly, which results in lower customer value and greater dissatisfaction.

We at IT Ignite came together to look for the most suitable and efficient solutions that we can provide to our clients and help them in implementing these solutions. Our focus is always on finding a robust and efficient agile development solution that can deliver value to both the development teams and customers as well. That’s why we use VersionOne, an enterprise agile management tool that allows you to bring together teams at different levels across the organization.

VersionOne is an immensely powerful tool that is suitable for organizations across various industries, and it offers excellent personalization and customization features that let you make the software your own. Furthermore, it also enhances your teams’ productivity and helps them align their workflow with business objectives.

Key Features of VersionOne

Agile and Lean Software Development

VersionOne has been designed from scratch for agile and lean software development.


The platform enables you to scale up and out across numerous agile teams, and you can also manage project workspaces, portfolios, and much more.

Remote Development

Approachable and manageable across different locations, VersionOne enables remote teams to manage their workflows and complete their development projects rapidly.

End to End Visibility

Receive valuable and informed insight across every step of the software development lifecycle.

Enterprise Collaboration

Ensure unity and collaboration with team members across your entire company.


VersionOne offers excellent compatibility and ease of integration with platforms like Jira, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Git, and many others.

Platform Evaluator

The platform evaluator is a useful and robust tool that allows you to assess and evaluate your business and development needs.

Agile Portfolio Planning

Facilitate and accelerate the portfolio planning process to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance.

Portfolio and Team Kanban

Use the efficient Kanban board to manage your agile portfolio planning and development.

Customer Idea Management

Manage and utilize customer feedback and ideas to improve your product features and usefulness.

Release and Iteration Tracking

Keep an eye on the progress and visibility of every release and iteration of your project.

Executive Dashboards

You get access to numerous executive dashboards that deliver all the vital information, and you can customize them to suit and align your business needs.

Product Roadmapping

Plan every step, iteration, release, build, and release of your product, so that you can give your team clear targets and milestones.

Test Case Management

Manage and monitor every test case to ensure that your development cycle runs smoothly and there are no bugs or issues that alter the timeline.

Agile Metrics and Analytics

VersionOne also offers you a series of agile metrics and analytics that can help you monitor your team’s performance and project success in real-time.

Budgeting and Allocation

Ensure better alignment with your budget and expenditure to allocate funds where needed, and also to maximize your revenue.

Defect Tracking

Identify and track defects and loopholes in your project, and eliminate them proactively.

Benefits of VersionOne

Just like most agile management platforms, VersionOne is also an enterprise-level solution that empowers teams and enables them to offer greater customer value through a wide range of useful features. Here are some of the benefits you can experience:

    • Easy project monitoring: Project monitoring is the core of agile development, and VersionOne offers you tracking and planning features that give you clear visibility over every process.
    • Empowered collaboration:With VersionOne, you can easily unify and gather various agile teams across departments, and you can empower them to innovate and deliver.
    • Portfolio management:The platform also has robust portfolio management features that allow you to prepare your project portfolio, identify any possible risks, generate reports, visualize strategies, and much more.
    • Ease of use:VersionOne is significantly easier to use, as compared to most of the other agile management tools out there. It has a less steep learning curve, enabling organizations to adapt quickly.

How I.T. Ignite Can Help You

IT Ignite is a strong team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best agile management solutions, and are also highly experienced with VersionOne integration, alignment, planning, and other related services.

Additionally, we also provide training and consultation services to our clients, so that they can easily migrate to VersionOne. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you with VersionOne.

If You Have a Project, Please Contact Us

We would love to hear from you; if you have a project our team members can arrange a free initial consultation to understand, scope, and price your project.

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