Founded In 2007, IT Ignite,a Division of MRP, LLC. is a full service IT implementation and staffing services company, with its primary location in Austin, TX.
Over the past 13 years, IT Ignite has worked with some of the largest corporations in America from Fortune 1-1000 and Federal and State government agencies. These relationships have helped the company produce a 33 Percent annual growth year over year.
IT Ignite specializes in information technology via innovation, development, and specialty staffing services. We are continuing to grow and love the challenges we face. We separate ourselves from our competition by always providing talented resources, that not only provide top quality services, but help advise customers on software purchases. Additionally, we protect our client’s investments by not allowing them to be oversold on services that don’t deliver or provide marginal results.
From our founder, to our highly trained support staff, we live and breathe technology. We understand business is not about over-priced service or fancy sales techniques. Our success is derived from an internally developed culture, focused on providing high value return on our clients investments. We help you see real results from your investments.
IT Ignite has performed work for the nation’s largest banks, retailers, insurance companies, and chemical manufacturers. We also have an extensive client list in the education, software, and Government sectors. We provide offshore support solutions, in addition to onshore development teams as well, for fixed price and managed service solutions. No matter the industry sector, our team of resources has the skills and experience, needed to help our clients succeed. We often extend our consulting expertise to large firms in need of assistance, in an effort to grow and enhance customer relationships.
We understand our growth as a company and market presence is only because of our growing client base and our commitment to maintain relationships. We continue to provide a commitment to excellence, and a proven track record of delivering solutions to exceed client expectations.


We have developed core competency centers to focus on industry research and develop products and services to help customers obtain real solutions, catered to their core business. Software and I.T.  Business Management is the core of our history and is an area of growth for our company. We have a very high consultant retention rate. We believe in allowing individuals to grow in core competency areas. The growth of our employees ultimately provides additional value to our customers. It all starts with talent, that we continually invest in through training and personal growth. This allows us to retain key talent to our growth and success over the years.
Our talented resources are always focused on client goals, whether on a fixed price contract or a staff augmented project. We deliver on the established goals. This we believe is a key differentiation point from our competitors. We engage often and early on goals and requirements and help our customer and partners reap the rewards of their investment in us.
We believe our partnerships with software and service providers has allowed us to provide best in class services to our clients, but also engage in develop enhancements that customers can leverage in conjunction with their out of the box software.
Our remote delivery teams help companies gain all the advantages of software development and support at the best possible return. Our skilled staff overseas provides 24/7 support, 365 days of the year. We provide services for companies looking to augment their on site staff, and help ensure low cost additional support, allowing our customers to effectively focus on software development and key business initiatives.
In today’s market, it is increasingly important to provide solid, measurable, return on investment. ROI is core to our engagements. We help drive efficiency through our complete IT management solutions for any size business, and provide an ally for our customers in a competitive market. We invite you to come experience the IT Ignite way of doing business.