The number of offerings for IT is staggering. While standards exist for many business processes, integrating disparate systems can be a daunting task. IT Ignite has developed a methodology for ensuring connectivity between many of the best packages.

We can enable your enterprise by thoroughly evaluating your existing technology choices, and building custom packages and services to integrate your systems.

Integration Types

Up and Down Stream Applications

Connecting systems within your business processes is critical for increased productivity and overall efficiency of your IT operations. IT Ignite enables connections by examining the data flow and methods. We then build a set of tools to gather the information need, and subsequently transform it into a new data stream, allowing for consumption via process.

Common management interface

With all of the available cloud based solutions, you may have redundant data entry across multiple platforms to perform common tasks. For example, if you on-board a new client and need to provide access to the project management, source code, and incident management systems, this could require multiple logins to those systems. We have a common management interface that allows you to manage all client user data from one tool.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture is an amazing way to connect multiple systems. However, all of the applications must speak the same data format.
IT Ignite builds translation layers to allow the applications to communicate without knowing a common communication format. These translation tools can also be used to provide SOA compatibility with other tools, not designed for message buses.

Ready to Run Integrations

Recognizing the challenges of integrating multiple systems, for commonly needed tasks, led IT Ignite to develop cloud based environments, utilizing best practices learned through the many integrations we have performed. One of the packages, which is very popular with small software companies, is a package that combines project management, a source code repository, bug or incident management, and a continuous integration environment.

We provide all of the services a software engineering organization needs with a common management interface. Since we used industry leading software in the development of this package, customization and maintenance of the software stack is much simpler. We also provide monitoring of the system in conjunction with regular maintenance tasks, and our support staff is available to perform any additional tasks required, such as user creation or the creation of new projects.