We recognize that mobile is so much more than just apps running on mobile devices. For your success, embracing the concept of any data, anywhere, is paramount to long term success.

We have been entrusted to develop mobile phone apps across many business segments. Aviation, Food Services, and International Banking are just a few areas we have worked in. We also have considerable experience with the technologies supporting mobile such as push notifications, digital markers (like QR Codes or Microsoft Tags) and mobile payments.

We can develop a long term strategy and road map for your presence, and deliver the apps and data that provide success.

Mobile Application Platforms

Android is the current market leader in total number of devices, and it is highly recommended to have a version available for this market. It is also the platform that allows for the most innovative approaches to providing unique features and customer experiences. Due to the number of available devices and platforms, Android can be one of the most daunting platforms. We have been intimately involved in Android development for many years and can assist with developing a solution to turn a vision into reality.

IOS devices run on what is, by far, the most ubiquitous mobile platform. With the number of Apple devices currently in use, there are a staggering number of applications in their marketplace.

We can develop a strategy and go to market plan for your app that will distinguish itself and thrive.

IT Ignite has provided strategy for clients who are evaluating which mobile platforms to include in their smart device strategy.

IT Ignite has consulted and developed Windows Phone Applications for both social and commercial purposes.

Building mobile apps utilizing HTML makes sense for projects that can leverage a common user interface across multiple platforms. This approach also helps to reduce development costs. IT Ignite has extensive professional expertise with HTML5 mobile development.

Mobile Services

Digital Markers

Digital Markers provide a means of bridging the physical world with the digital world. Whether it is a visible marker such as a QR Code or an invisible marker such as RFID or Near Field Communications. We develop innovative uses for these technologies in accordance with our customer’s needs.


Today, messaging is a very broad term. Current communication channels have extended beyond SMS into additional channels such as Twitter, Push Notifications, and Location based services. We have developed some very interesting technologies to provide rich content experiences across all of these channels.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is a huge market that currently is experiencing rapid expansion in the number of providers, as well as contraction through acquisitions and market exit. We are here to help guide you through this rapidly changing landscape.

Other Mobile Related Systems

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management focuses on protecting your corporate resources and data. Whether it is defining a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, or deploying thousands of devices to your work force, we provide services that will fit your needs.

We have helped large OEMs slipstream mobile devices into their supply chain so the mobile device arrives in the same kit as their laptop or workstation. Additionally, we have implemented 3rd party mobile device management across our teams and other clients.

We continually review the evolving MDM market and are prepared to evaluate the needs of the organization, and provide recommendations on vendors and best practices.


Due to the way apps are designed, they can be easily interrupted, given that the carrier and location can have such an impact on user experience. Measuring the users engagement is crucial to derive the best return on investment from your mobile strategy.

We are partnered with a company that provides enhanced analytic capabilities that can control customer experience based upon carrier, geographic region, network congestion or other environmental factors.

Using this data combined with other mobile analytics tools, our clients will not only know how their apps are being used, but also the environment and other factors that influence the user experience.