The rise of Cloud technology utilization, and the various benefits provided by its usage, is one the most important considerations currently facing the IT world. With virtualization, hardware plays a very different role with respect to company computing needs. That being stated, cloud is still an emerging space with a multitude of technology providers, scrambling to introduce new technologies. Eventually the cloud computing space will become a standardized IT commodity. However, regardless of your cloud computing needs today, or in the distant future, IT Ignite can help guide you through the evolution, by virtue of our vast knowledge and experience.

Public vs. Private

The public or private decision has serious implications for IT managers. Does the reduced cost and management efforts of using a 3rd party to host your cloud based systems outweigh losing complete control over your systems? How does that fit into the equation? We, at IT Ignite, are experienced at helping companies work through these challenging questions.


Public clouds are generally services provided by large companies with thousands of customers. As such, they provide an amazing level of functionality and an almost hands free approach to fulfilling computing needs. However, there are some important things to consider regarding allowing a 3rd party to control your data. We provide an evaluation of all your organizational needs, in conjunction with a solid plan to maximize utilization, while simultaneously minimizing risks.


Building a private cloud is a great solution for companies that want to maintain the daily management and support of their systems, while enjoying the on demand availability of an external cloud. Our team has worked extensively with Openstack and its underlying technologies. Consequently, we have developed additional functionality to bring hardware components into the Openstack, and can provide you with a plan to build the Infrastructure and a management, to maximize utilization of hardware resources.

Infrastructure vs. Platform

Some cloud builders provide the means to build infrastructure. You pay for a number of servers, storage accounts, and data transfer. This ultimately provides ‘virtual’ hardware, and your organization must still apply security patches or other types of maintenance to the hosted services. PaaS, or Platform as a Service, provides a computing environment in which you can run your applications. You do not perform the regular maintenance tasks, but the technologies available for your applications can be limited by the provider. IT Ignite helps companies by designing their cloud solution, based upon their computing needs, technology choices, and level of IT engagement.

Mixed Environment

For many companies, a hybrid approach of internal data centers, IaaS and PaaS offerings, is the right choice. For sensitive data, or legacy applications that are not portable to VM or computing environments, maintaining internally managed systems is a must. IT ignite helps customers with those needs to evaluate the efficiency of moving appropriate business processes to the cloud.


Cloud Services Life-cycle

IT Ignite provides an extensive analysis and strategy program to develop the optimum solution. Whether private or public, using IaaS or PaaS, IT Ignite can engineer a comprehensive environment. We have a team to develop and deploy the necessary services. Developers who have experience with the various PaaS APIs can develop the applications and deploy them into production. We also offer monitoring, maintenance, and service for VM based environments.


One of the most complex challenges of moving to a cloud solution is the migration of existing processes and data.

Consequently, IT Ignite has developed process plans to help move applications, with an emphasis on data integrity and minimizing downtime.