Delivering value to our customers is our number one initiative. We architect solutions that will surpass the standard offerings and help your organization drive adoption to process and governance. With our team of functional experts, you can feel safe that your company’s vision and goals will be achieved with your investment in our skilled staff.

Functional Expert Services

Portfolio Managers

IT Ignite provides both project and program managers to our clients. Our consultants are trained to learn the specific development methodology used by your organization and to implement projects or programs following those methods. The functional consultant also provides understanding and implementation of the entire  Clarity PPM offering including the Financials, Demand Management,  Requirements, and  Agile.


Our highly talented and skilled staff provide a customized training plan for your company’s needs around Clarity PPM. We can provide the ability to train your staff on your SDLC processes and custom Clarity PPM environments. By virtue of our deep functional and technical knowledge of the of the application, we can help to develop a strong curriculum, providing the necessary training content, in all areas, to deliver a successful adoption.

Functional Expert Services

Our functional team has the experience and capacity to properly train organizations, with regards to the usage of third party tools, in conjunction with Clarity PPM. While not limited to this set of tools, we believe these are the most important for an organization utilizing Clarity PPM. Our functional experts can examine the current usage of relative tools, and provide recommendations with regard to the usage and methodology of those tools.

Broadcom Rally

Requirements module allows for pre -product backlog intake planning, with respect to all agile requests. This sales force connector has a road mapping functionality that allows for product managers and scrum masters to plan work based upon a roadmap. These detailed requirements eventually become part of the Agile Product backlog, for Agile Project management.

Open Workbench

Open workbench is a work breakdown tool. Open Workbench was written with Clarity PPM in mind and uses an effort based schedule, instead of being duration driven like Microsoft Project. This allows for seamless integration to projects in CClarity PPM.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a duration based scheduler that connects directly with Clarity PPM. With this direct integration, project managers accustomed to Microsoft Project can work from their existing platform, and maintain their projects in Clarity PPM via the schedule connect interface, which can be downloaded from within Clarity PPM.