For years, the bane of time entry duplication across multiple organizational systems, was a necessary financial burden. Consultants and employees alike would log time in one system after another, struggling to decipher which tasks to log time to, in conjunction with which project, depending upon which system they were in. The end result of this financial strain produced multiple systems, each telling a different story, even in cases where resources were billing to the same projects and programs, only in different systems.

After examining the full scope of this anomaly, and arriving at the realization of this to be a problem common to vast quantities of corporations worldwide, IT Ignite set out to develop a solution to address the following problem domains:

  • Inability to synchronize and consolidate tasks across various applications into one centralized system
  • Inability to seamlessly account for tasks, such as outlook calendar items
  • Inability to Approve Action Items, Approve Change Requests, Time Off requests in one tool.
  • Inability to quickly address resource allocation anomalies, identified in timesheets
  • Inability to export and consolidate time reporting quickly and efficiently
  • Inability to simplify the time entry process
  • Inability to track overhead buckets of time correctly

Enter 1Timesheet, the ultimate resource & time management plugin. Designed specifically for Outlook, 1Timesheet provides appropriate solutions, for all the afore mentioned problems.

Core Features

  • Synchronized Task Entry
  • Timesheet Submission
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Task Imports From Various Platforms
  • Resource Allocation Planning
  • Timesheet Status and History
  • Automated Reporting
  • Export to Excel
  • Timesheets, Actions Items, and Time Off Requests
  • Accessibility and Extension

Synchronized Task Entry

By allowing imports from multiple data sources, 1Timesheet allows for synchronized task entries across multiple systems. This allows for data relationship reconciliation between data models, and simplifies data warehouse reporting.

Timesheet Submissions

As an added bonus, timesheet submissions and approvals can now be conducted from within Outlook via 1Timesheet’s approval interface. This eliminates the need to venture into Clarity PPM and conduct approvals for specific resources. The screenshot below shows the approval screen where you can reject and approve timesheets.


Task Imports from Various Platforms

One of the most powerful features of 1Timesheet is its support for various vendor platforms, a list which continues to grow, as client needs for 3rd party integration support increases. 1Timesheet currently allows data imports from CA Clarity PPM, Outlook, JIRA, Fieldglass, and Version One, but can be customized to suit client needs as they arise. That being said, the true beauty of being able to perform such imports is that this data can be tied back into CA PPM at a Project Task level, allowing for emphatic precision, with regard to resource labor expenditure.


Resource Allocation Planning

By virtue of 1Timesheet’s ability to provide granular, accurate insight into resource labor expenditure, the need also arises for the capacity to correct any resource allocation anomalies. With this thinking in mind, 1Timesheet allows for Weekly, and Monthly allocation modification, in accordance with CA PPM time slice configuration, for all resources.


Timesheet Status & History

1Timesheet makes it extremely easy to retrieve historical timesheet approval data, from within the same interface. With a simple click of a button, a resource manager can view all timesheets approved for resource reports, along with dates, total hours, and approver info.


Automated Reporting

Another useful feature of 1Timesheet is the ease with which you can generate reports. This is particularly useful for consultants who have to submit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices along with timesheets. The tedious task of capturing screenshot after screenshot is virtually eliminated. Users, by virtue of 1Timesheet’s historical feature, can simply click to retrieve their approved timesheets, check the periods of interest, and generate an email with a PDF attachment, which they can email in conjunction with an invoice.


Export to Excel

Another useful feature of 1Timesheet is the ability to export data into spreadsheet format. This allows for, potentially, more complex analysis, based on the metrics extracted.

Timesheets, Action Items, and Time Off Requests

One of the goals of 1Timesheet was to simplify and centralize various routine approvals, conducted by resource managers. Consequently, through 1Timesheet’s Approval and Notifications menu, approvals for change requests, change controls, action items, timesheets, and time off requests can all be conducted from a centralized interface in outlook. To be specific, a resource manager can:

  • Approve or Return Timesheets
  • Approve or Reject Action Items
  • Approve or Reject Change Requests
  • Approve or Reject Time Off Requests

Below are example snapshots of the Timesheets, Action Items, and Time Off Requests.


Accessibility and Extension

One of the most compelling features of 1Timesheet is its accessibility and ease of use. By integrating directly with outlook as a plugin, 1Timesheet sits at the core of how we interact and communicate daily. Once installed, a user can easily click to manage all the above features listed, right from within their email. This eliminates the need to navigate between various applications, again adding value, by increasing organizational efficiency through common sense implementation. In addition, 1Timesheet can be customized and integrated to operate with any SOA compliant system to facilitate additional automation where needed.



CA PPM Driven Security

1Timesheet is fully integrated with the Clarity security model. This ensures that data extracted pertains directly to whom it applies. Resource managers see only their CA PPM resources. Resources see only their CA PPM projects, and timesheets. This ensures the integrity of corporate security with regards to CA PPM and 1Timesheet remains consistent.


CA PPM Licensing Requirements

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